Air Travel

Air Travel

Learn about Air Travel in the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's through a Grandparent's memories below.

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Kathy, a flight attendant in the 1950's, shares memories of air travel during that time.

Judeenne, a flight attendant in the 1950's, shares memories of air travel during that time.

~ Kathy (b. 1935) ~

(Transcript from above Video)

"I was an "Airline Hostess" as we used to call ourselves in the 1950's. I left in 1958 when I got married. You were not allowed to be married in those days if you still wanted to fly.

We wore these very heavy, ugly, dark green uniforms with a hat and we were only given two. When we went on a trip we took our skirts and shirt and jacket and if the trip was three days, you wore the skirt and jacket for three days. When you came back you were really covered with food.

When you went out to the planes, there was no gate. You just walked out onto the tarp, you walked to where the portable stairs were and climbed up the stairs, as did everyone else. There was no security so if you were meeting a date they just walked out the the plane at the time you arrived.

I flew many planes that weren't pressurized. I flew DC3s, the kind of plane that was in Casablanca with the one propeller and little slanted body. Because we weren't pressurized we didn't fly over weather or under weather, we flew through anything. If we went 3500 feet up that was a big deal, not 35,000.

Many of those first trips were three days on, four days off. The three days you flew you made maybe 14 stops in a day.  Each stop was maybe 45 minutes and you served food every leg of the trip and somebody would throw up every leg of the trip. One time I remember the agent came to the door and  we handed them all the air sick bags. All of a sudden we hear this woman yelling out "Wait, Wait!". She had false teeth and she had lost her teeth in the bag. It was just hysterical."

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