What were knickers, Zoot Suits and Poodle Skirts?  Learn about the Fashion in the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's through a Grandparent's memories.

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~ Phyllis (b.1937) ~

When I was in college in the mid 1950's, the boys had to wear ties and jackets and the girls had to wear skirts to class. The skirts were long and straight, ending just above our sock. We all wore white cotton socks that went just below our calves. They were called "Bobby Socks". The "Bobby" comes from the word "bob" which means "cut short". Before girls wore "Booby Socks" they wore knee high socks.

Our shoes seemed to be named after a ranch in Texas. The boys wore "White Bucks" which were shoes that were all white. Girls wore "Saddle Shoes" which were white shoes with crepe soles. They were called Saddle Shoes because they were white in the from and back divided by a separate color of leather mounted in the middle - like a saddle looks on a horse. They were very comfortable and all the college students wore them constantly.

Back then, everyone wanted to look like one another!

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