What was an Icebox? Learn about the Icebox and the Iceman through a Grandparent's memories below!

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~ Jim (b.1931) ~

"Prior to the end of WWII, in 1945, almost everyone in my lower-class neighborhood had an icebox. There were refrigerators but very few people had them until they started to be mass produced after the war.

The Icebox resembled a refrigerator and had two parts. The upper part was a box that had an opening in the rear but not the front. The rear opening allowed the iceman to open the box without entering your home and place a big chunk of ice in your icebox. By a chunk of ice I mean a block 2.5 feet long by 1.5 feet high.

The iceman would carry this block over his shoulder in a tarp so that the melting didn't not drip on his clothes. He also had a metal pincer wide enough to fit over the block which he used to swing into the icebox.

The rest of the icebox was like a refrigerator with shelves where you put your food. The coldness from the ice drifted downwards and cooled the food in the icebox. It was a treat to be outside and watch the iceman as he walked up three floors caring this heavy ice and putting it in the icebox. He always seemed to do effortlessly."


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