Old Time Radio

Old Time Radio

What was Old Time Radio? Learn about the Old Time Radio or Golden Age of Radio through a Grandparent's memories.

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~ Joe (b.1930) ~

"We did not have a television set until I was 19 years old. So, growing up, radio was our source of entertainment. (Television did not become popular until after the war in 1945. We got our first television set in 1948.)

There were a variety of radio programs I recall in elementary school. If I was sick and had to stay home, I would listen to daytime radio shows. These daytime shows were serials that went on from week to week. There was one I recall named 'Ma Perkins'.

In the evenings, I would listen to mysteries. One show called 'I Love a Mystery' was on about the time I went to bed. It was a half hour show. I would listed to it in my bed and when the show ended, I turned off the radio and went to sleep.

But my favorite show of all was on Sunday night at 6pm. 'The Jack Benny Show'. That was something that virtually everyone I knew watched religiously. No one would miss a Jack Benny show.

He was a great comedian who continually repeated the same themes week after week. He would always pretend to be very cheap and his costars would always comment about his frugality."

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