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~ Inez (b. 1935) ~

"In 1939, we had a telephone in our house and to use it you had to put a nickel in a box.  The box was attached to the wall and had a slot for which you could put in your nickel.  The only person who could open the box was a man from the telephone company who would come once a month and, with a key, could open the box.

When he opened the box he would spread all of the nickels out on our dining room table and count them so fast you could hardly see his hands move. He put them in rolls about 5 inches long. If you wanted, you could buy some of them back from him so that you would have nickels for future calls.

In addition to nickels, sometimes you could use "slugs"! "Slugs" were metal discs the same size and shape as nickels and you could put them into the box. When the telephone man came to the house and was counting the nickels he would pull out the "slugs" and you pay him the amount that the "slugs" equaled in nickels.

My sister and I really looked forward to the times when the telephone man can to the house because it was fun to watch him count nickels."

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